Tuesday, March 04, 2008


The Rev. Dana Prom Smith, S.T.D., Ph.D. (3/4/08)

Disparaged by some, used by many, kale

Is a versatile vegetable, spurned

By the uncouth, relished by the canaille,

Scots, Siberians, and Tuscans. Discerned

Sweeter than spinach, it is no fakir

Begging nutrition, beta-carotene

Aplenty, anti-oxidants inhere

In leaves, crinkled, spears, plain, red tinged, and green.

A headless cabbage with some tryptophan,

It grows in varied soil, in climates cold,

With a history antediluvian.

In chicken soups, it is as good as gold.

Ease of growth everywhere, good for health

Kale’s laden with flavors of savored wealth.

Copyright © Dana Prom Smith 2008

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